How To Configure Pop-Up Blocker In Opera Web Browser

People are looking for ways to remove all unnecessary ads and popups while they are online. For Opera browser users we have some helpful instructions in the text below.

How to Block Popups and Ads

Though Opera already blocks a certain amount of ads and popups you might need some extra effort. You can start by opening the Opera menu and selecting the “get extensions” button. By using this ad blocking extension you can completely remove all remaining ads.

How to Block Ads on Your Phone

In order to successfully block all ads on your phone, you will need to install an ad blocking app. Search for an ad blocking app which will suit your phone.

The best choice is the app with the most positive reviews. This means it should have good ratings and that it is widely known and trusted.

How to Install a Popup Blocker

Once you’ve found a popup blocker you wish to install you can simply download it to your device. Keep in mind that an efficient Opera popup blocker can serve both your computer and your phone.

When your device informs you that the ad blocker was successfully installed the job is done. Now you may enjoy browsing without any annoying ads and popups.

How to Change Configurations

Popup blocker configurations are easy to change. If you wish to adjust it, you can simply click on its icon and select the “options” button to change configurations.

When Should You Install Popup Blockers in Opera

If you are bothered by everyday ads and popups and they slow down your browsing you should consider installing a popup blocker. If your Opera browser is constantly redirecting you, showing you unwanted content, or cause harm to your device you should act on it immediately.

What is Adware

Adware is software which sites use to generate online advertising and popups. This includes all obnoxious videos, texts, photos, banner, and other content which popups all the time. This unwanted content can be dealt with easily.

How to Handle Adware

If you wish to change your adware configuration or completely get rid of it, you can do this easily. Open your Control Panel and simply uninstall any Adware you find. By clicking on “uninstall a program” you will be offered a list from which you can select what you wish to be uninstalled.

Which Program to Uninstall

The best way to go about this is to uninstall programs which don’t seem familiar and which don’t belong there. If you are having doubts, quickly look up the program so as to avoid any major mistakes. Some programs are necessary for your device to function normally.

Be Careful When Resetting Your Opera Browser

If you reset your Opera browser you will have reset its setting, as well. This will remove any add-ons, extensions, or previous settings you may have configured. Remember to reinstall your ad blocker after you’ve done this.