6 Ways To Hack Someone’s Facebook Account Passwords 2018

1. Phishing

Phishing is used to obtain private information and is often used as a means of hacking into someone’s FB account.

We want to teach you how to phish Facebook passwords. It is fairly easy and can be done by practically anyone. You just need to install the app. The app will serve as a gateway to the other person’s phone. A popup will appear asking them to authorize the app. When they authorize it you will be able to access their information.

2. Resetting the Password

This is deemed to be one of the easiest methods of obtaining someone’s personal information. It can be done smoothly by people who are Facebook friends with the person you want to hack. They key is having the person’s Facebook login at hand. You will need their email address in order to do this right. Put in the email address and claim that you’ve forgotten your password. Have them send you the new password to your email. You will receive the password and access their account within one day.

3. Keylogger

This is a program which records typing on a keyboard. In order for the keylogger to inform you, it must be installed on the keyboard of the person you want to hack. The program cannot be detected therefore serves as a very efficient spy. You can program it to send you a log of keystrokes to your email. This way you can discern what is your target’s password.

4. Man in the Middle

This is also a method for people who are close to the person they want to hack. You need to be able to offer the person a connection to a non-existent Wi-Fi network which will, in turn, collect their personal information. You will be able to access their online whereabouts and connect them to fake pages. Here is where they will leave their login information which you can collect.

5. Fake Password Generator

A Facebook phishing app can get easily get you anyone’s Facebook password. But this method of hacking into someone’s account can only get you even further. You might not be able to get the password but you will have access to their FB account. You will need a password generator to get a temporary password. However, this password can get you into their account directly. This allows you to browse through their FB freely. The generator is free of cost.

6. Facebook Password Extractor

Again, this is free of cost and serves as a helpful tool. It will expose any private or hidden information, such as passwords, through the person’s browsers. It will show you the login information and allow you to use it easily.