WhatsDog : Track Activity On WhatsApp Using Contact Number

Whatsdog is an app which allows you to easily monitor activities on WhatsApp. This app has recently become increasingly popular. It is used by both Android and iPhone users. Whatsdog is a surveillance method which offers an array of features which can come in handy every day. You will remain unnoticed while gaining new information about a certain contact.

What Does Whatsdog Do

Whatsdog warns you when a specific contact you have chosen has connected to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a high level of security which means it is not that easy to get into someone’s activities. In order to get into someone’s WhatsApp activity, you will need an efficient application such as this one.

This app helps you to successfully monitor online activities and will notify you of every activity on WhatsApp.

How to Install the App

You only need to download WhatsApp dog apk for your Android and install it. After you’ve installed it activate it and choose a Gmail account you will connect it to. Once you’ve done this, you will be well on your way.

How to Pick a Contact

You can choose anybody who has their number registered on WhatsApp. Choose a specific contact by entering their mobile phone. Whatsdog will track the activity of this contact and you will able to find out when they are online and how much time they spend there.

How Many Contacts Can You Track

You can only pick a single contact at a time. You cannot track multiple numbers at once. If you wish to change the contact whose activity you are tracking you need to remove all the existing information from the menu. Enter the new contact’s information and proceed regularly.

How Does it Work

The app will send you a notification of any activity of the user you have selected. You can even save the activity and enter the information into your calendar. This way you can save and monitor all the activities you are interested in.

You can follow the connections and logouts of your selected user. WhatsDog can show you connections they had in during previous days, the number of connections they’ve had, as well as, the length of their connections. Nothing is off limits.

It Has No Restrictions

This amazing app will allow no restrictions. It can be used freely and easily. You can see a specific user’s activities even if they’ve blocked you. Also, you can track their activity if you’ve previously blocked them.

No Hidden Options

What is more, you can see if someone is online even if they have selected the option to remain hidden while online. They might try to be sly and hides their last seen option you can retrace their steps and find out when they were online.

Choose Who You Want to Track

You can freely choose contacts you want to follow. It can be a partner, a friend, your kid, or colleagues from work. There are no limits to who you can select on your Whatsdog app.